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Wine is an alcoholic beverage. Obtained as a result of complete or partial alcoholic fermentation of grape juice. Many different types of grapes are used in the production of wines, the most common of which are black (often called red) and white. There are red, white and pink wines by color. White wines are from light straw to amber. There are many shades of pink and red wines: from light ruby ​​to dark red.

White wines darken with age, while red wines, on the other hand, lose their transparency when the colorant collapses or changes. The precipitate does not affect the taste of the wine and appears 6-8 years after packaging. In vintage wines, sediment occurs 4 years after packaging, and this is considered a kind of quality assurance. To remove the sediment, the wine is poured into a decanter before being served and the sediment remains in the bottle. The special structure of burgundy glass allows the sediment to remain in the glass.

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