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770 Miles Rose Zinfandel | Brand: 770 Miles

  • Brand: 770 Miles
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Main specifications
All specifications
Country: USA
Color: Rose
Region: California
Taste: Semidry
Grape varieties: Zinfandel
Tasting notes


The wine has an elegant golden straw color.
The wine demonstrates a refreshing, clean taste with fruity-floral notes, lively acidity and a balanced, dry aftertaste.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine has an intriguing refreshing aroma, in which notes of peach, lemon, pear, herbs and white flowers are harmoniously intertwined.
The wine is in harmony with pasta, soups or risotto with fish or vegetables. Ideal with shellfish and white grilled meats, fish, vegetables, fresh or medium-ripened cheeses such as Grana Padano and Tallejo.

Interesting Facts

In order to expand the range dictated by the needs of consumers, the French company Les Grands Chais de France has released a line of Californian wines “Gold Country”. It features bright, fresh fruit wines made from grapes grown on the Pacific coast in California’s sunny central valley.
“Gold Country” Cabernet Sauvignon is a refreshing red wine with a pleasant fruit and berry aroma and a soft, rounded taste. The wine goes well with cold appetizers, red meat, game and various cheeses.
Les Grands Chais de France (GСF) is a group of companies founded in Petersbach in 1979 by a man named Joseph Helfrich. The main location of the companies is Vosges du Nord (in the South of France). Today Le Grand Chee de France is a large and successful company engaged in the production of high-quality French wine and is aimed mainly at export (over 70% of production). GСF owns vineyards in many wine regions of the country – Alsace, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Beaujolais and Languedoc-Roussillon.
A distinctive feature of the GСF company is the desire to preserve old traditions, combining them with innovations in the world of winemaking. This is due to the vast experience of more than 1200 employees of the company. Les Grands Chais de France has an annual turnover of around 700 million euros. Production volume – about 1,000,000 bottles per day. The company’s production area occupies 12.8 hectares.
Main characteristics
Country USA
Color Rose
Region California
Taste Semidry
Grape varieties Zinfandel
Degrees 10%
Volume 0.75 L.
Manufacturer Les Grands Chais de France