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BENROMACH Batch 1 58.8% | Brand: Benromach

  • Brand: Benromach
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Main specifications
All specifications
Country: Scotland
Degrees: 58.8%
Volume: 0.7 L.
Type: One, no mixing
Manufacturer: Gordon & MacPhail

Whisky has amber color.

Multilayered aroma of whiskey first disclosed tones of sherry and fruit, then – notes of nuts, chocolate and cinnamon. Finale charms shades of green apple, biscuit and smoke. When water is added to the fragrance reveals tones of malt and oak, as well as notes of pineapple, kiwi and other exotic fruits.

Whisky has a delicate, sweet flavor, which reveals the tone wild raspberries and blackberries. Later they were joined by spicy nuances and shades of sherry smoke developing in the long finish. When water is added to the background in the taste notes of berry tones appear more strongly roasted malt, sweet sherry and smoke.

Whisky is excellent as a long drink. It is best used in pure form or with the addition of a few drops of water at room temperature, in order to more fully temples could disclose their taste and flavor.

BENROMACH is made ​​of the finest distillates blended with pure glacier water. Their noble taste whiskey obliged secrets of exposure, because the first 9 years, he was kept in carefully selected barrels of sherry and bourbon, and at the final stage for 1 year ripened in barrels from the sweet Oloroso.
Benromah – one of the marks of Gordon & MacPhail. Founded in 1898, the distillery was closed Benromah many times and changed hands for as long as in 1993, has not been acquired by Gordon & MacPhail, which literally saved it from total destruction. Officially, the distillery was opened in 1998, the Prince of Wales. Currently Benromach – the pride of the company, “Gordon & MacPhail.” All single malt whiskey Benromach differ bright personality, rich and smooth taste, which felt nice fruity notes and slightly sweet notes of malt. They are in perfect harmony with the scent of smoke, typical of high-quality single malt Scotch whiskey.
Benromah is the smallest distillery in Speyside, Scotland. Whiskey “Benromach” made ​​from pure barley malt without mixing with the grain, so it belongs to the so-called “single malt” or single malt whiskey. Before fermentation barley germinated and then dried in kilns, where the fuel is peat, which gives a special smoky flavor drink. After the end of fermentation whiskey undergoes double distillation and then aged in barrels of American white oak. It is at the stage of barrel aging whiskey gets its color becomes softer and gets extra flavor.
Main characteristics
Country Scotland
Degrees 58.8%
Volume 0.7 L.
Type One, no mixing
Manufacturer Gordon & MacPhail