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COGNAC Gaston Casteljac 1979 | Brand: Gaston de Casteljac

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Main specifications
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Country: France
Region: Bas Armagnac
Degrees: 40%
Volume: 0.7 L.
Manufacturer: Bordeneuve Chateau & Collections
Cognac of golden color with a slight copper tint.
Cognac has a complex aroma with tones of vanilla, cinnamon, grapes and plum.
Cognac has a refined taste with hints of oriental spices, candied fruits, with a long aftertaste with notes of dried fruit and vanilla.
Cognac is recommended to be consumed neat or with ice, the drink is excellent as a digestif.

The cognac got its name in honor of the famous pirate – Gaston de Casteljac, who at the end of the 17th century, tired of adventure and romance, returned to France, where he took up the production of cognac and the cultivation of vineyards in the Grand Champagne region. This region is renowned for its excellent climate and unique soil on which exceptional grapes are grown, which provide the basis for the creation of exquisite cognac spirits. The heirs, continuing the work of Gaston de Casteljac, created a cognac with his name.
Main characteristics
Country France
Region Bas Armagnac
Degrees 40%
Volume 0.7 L.
Manufacturer Bordeneuve Chateau & Collections